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We have more to offer! Therefore we created PEEKABOO & FRIENDS section where you can find innovative, fun, smartly designed and functional baby products from other brands from all over the world.


We are happy to announce that PEEKABOO is first in Poland to bring you Kipiis!

Kipiis - stylish solution for modern parents. Kipiis (“Kip-eez”) Bib Clips let you make anything a bib— napkin, cloth diaper, kitchen towel. Just clip the two rounded fasteners onto whatever’s handy, adjust the back—and voilà! Your child is covered. Kipiis Bib Clips are designed with your flexible lifestyle in mind. They make a smart addition to your diaper bag, glove box, kitchen drawer, or pocket.
Please click here to buy Kipiis.


James - Clever Duck

Again, PEEKABOO is the first store to offer this cool product. Door duck James – door stopper with active finger protection. Protects child hands and prevents that doors strike unintentionally. Awards: Honouring 2003 Design Center Stuttgart and Form 2004.
Please click here to buy James.


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