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The idea of the brand popped up in our heads more than a year ago. The last 12 months was a period rich in changes, turning points, but above all filled with many moments of sheer joy. We want to thank all those who contributed to the creation of PEEKABOO, who believed in us, believed in what we do!

pab-marketing-znak Peek-a-boo
It was one of the most favorite plays of the daughter of one of our creative forces behind the brand. The words "Peek-a-boo" have been spoken so many times when she was hiding behind the very first samples of our blankets, wrapping herself at the same time with meters of chocolate color satin trim, that we decided it would be a perfect name for our brand.


Our goal was to create a POLISH BRAND, which would stand for a simple yet elegant design, distinguished by the quality and materials used in every product offered. PEEKABOO is not about another baby product, it is about a very particular chic, well-orchestrated experience and certain philosophy which stands behind our brand. We dedicate our products to all those, to whom the origination of the product is important, for those who like to make conscious consumer choices. Our products are directed to people looking for good design, bold colors, appreciating the simplicity of form, the aesthetics of the product, paying attention to details. But primarily PEEKABOO is a sweatshop free, high quality brand, whose products are based on locally sourced materials and produced by small, local Polish companies. Not only do we wish that PEEKABOO brand is associated with unique products, but also with social responsibility – it’s part of our philosophy and details on this subject will be shared with you soon ...

We are certain that our products will bring you and your little ones, as much joy as we’ve had creating them. We believe that little details make big difference, therefore out products stand out not only through their quality but also through all those finishing touches in packaging, labeling, personalization. We had a vision and we are happy we found people and companies who have helped us to make it come true. Thanks to them today we can offer unique products and experience, which to date have been lacking from the market.

Along with each original PEEKABOO product you may receive a decorative element, which at your request can be personalized thus becoming an original gift. For more information about personalization click here. We are constantly working on new products that will be introduced under the PEEKABOO brand. We hope that they will appear in our store soon. Please do visit our site again to find out more news on new product launches.
We look forward to seeing you!


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